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See What the Recruitment Process Looks Like!

The recruitment process is always stressful, whether you're just entering the job market or seeking new experiences. To prepare candidates, we've briefly described what the recruitment process at ITConnect looks like.

Thank you for applying! The first step in your career is behind you...
At this stage, you need to arm yourself with a bit of patience because we are currently reviewing documents submitted by all candidates.

What do we consider when evaluating CVs?
We focus on verifying candidates against the requirements of the position specified in the job advertisement, and we contact the best candidates.

All received applications are stored in our candidate database and reviewed in subsequent recruitment processes.

You're moving forward, and we're rooting for you!
The second stage is the recruitment interview. Relax, there's no need to stress, just be yourself, and you'll do great.

During the interview, you can expect questions about your previous professional experience and your expectations for the future position, as well as assessments of your technical skills and knowledge of foreign languages.

Candidates who leave a positive impression on us are recommended for the next stage.

Congratulations, you're almost there!
This is the stage where selected candidates are invited to a recruitment meeting directly at the client's headquarters. After the meeting, decisions are made regarding cooperation.

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