In everyday business, it's often impossible to predict right away whether a particular project will be long-term or if the proposed Consultant will fit into the client's work environment. That's why IT CONNECT also offers a trial period recruitment proposal in the form of outsourcing. During the agreed period, the client and the Consultant have the opportunity to get to know each other, and the decision on final long-term employment is made at the end of this period. During this period, our team takes care of the Consultant. The Try & Hire service combines the benefits of recruitment and outsourcing.

What Your Company Can Gain from the TRY & HIRE Service

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More Time to Decide

In the case of Try & Hire, the client has a specified time to assess the quality of collaboration with the Consultant. Therefore, the decision on final long-term employment can be postponed.

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Predictable Cost

The Try & Hire compensation combines the principles of outsourcing (Consultant's compensation with a transparent margin during the trial period) and a success fee reduced by a part of the margins paid during this period. Detailed terms are established at the beginning of the collaboration.

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Limited Risk

The Try & Hire service limits both cost and project-related risks. It allows you to react to changes earlier and adapt your plans to changing business situations.

What Our Consultants Gain from the TRY & HIRE Service

The Opportunity to Get to Know the Future Employer

In the Try & Hire model, Consultants also have the opportunity to get to know the work environment, the range of technologies and methodologies used in the project before deciding on long-term collaboration.

Support and Advice

Our experienced team supports Consultants with their knowledge, including choosing forms of cooperation, establishing businesses, writing CVs, employment contract matters, and civil law issues.

Non-Monetary Benefits

During the trial period, we offer Consultants access to private medical care, sports packages, and group insurance at preferential rates.



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