Companies often require the support of IT specialists for specific, time-limited projects. However, they don't always have the option to hire their own IT department or expand it with more permanent employees. They still want these external Consultants to receive the highest level of service, opportunities for development, suitable equipment, and additional non-monetary benefits. To meet client expectations, IT CONNECT offers IT specialists' personnel outsourcing services. Outsourcing is a modern solution that allows our clients to quickly respond to changes in the demand for IT Specialists. This service involves delegating Consultants employed by IT CONNECT to provide services for the client.

What Your Company Can Gain from Outsourcing

Time and Resource Savings

By utilizing IT Connect's competencies for candidate recruitment and selection, as well as full personnel and payroll support for Consultants, you will save time and internal resources.


We support clients interested in hiring Consultants for one-time projects as well as those seeking long-term collaboration. A flexible approach to each project ensures an offer perfectly tailored to each client's needs.

Savings and Improved Results

Thanks to outsourcing, our clients can focus on their core business while improving their company's balance sheet results. Outsourcing does not increase fixed operating costs, and clients can account for our invoice as a project cost.

Long-Term Relationship

For us, building a partnership with clients and Consultants is crucial. Creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere helps minimize distance and fosters a friendly atmosphere. At every stage of the collaboration, we maintain constant contact with the client and Consultant to verify the progress of the cooperation and provide support as needed.

Predictable Cost

We mainly operate with fixed, transparent margins. Therefore, you can estimate the project's cost at the beginning of the process. Detailed terms are always established at the start of the cooperation.

Consultant Equipment

We also offer equipment and software preparation services. Thanks to this, the Consultant is ready to provide services immediately.

What We Offer to Our Consultants


At every stage of our collaboration, we prioritize people, good relationships, and creating a friendly atmosphere.

Support and Advice

Our experienced team supports Consultants with their knowledge, including choosing forms of cooperation, establishing businesses, writing CVs, employment contract matters, and civil law issues.


Non-Monetary Benefits

We offer our Consultants subsidies for private medical care, sports packages, and group insurance at preferential rates.

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