At IT CONNECT, we have an experienced, well-trained, and market-oriented team of recruiters dedicated to acquiring new employees. We utilize international recruitment standards to ensure that the individuals we source are well-suited for the positions sought. We are also members of the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment. We strive to quickly and accurately determine our clients' needs, get to know them, and the opportunities they offer. As a result, after the initial interview, we begin the search for new specialists, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities.

What Your Company Can Gain by Outsourcing Recruitment to Us

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Thorough Project Preparation

To prepare the best job announcement, our recruiters focus on a detailed understanding of the client's needs while also considering candidate expectations.

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Modern Approach

With knowledge of the latest labor market trends and the use of the best tools, communication channels, and our extensive database, our recruiters reach a wide range of IT specialists.

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Time Savings

By outsourcing the most time-consuming recruitment tasks, such as posting job offers, resume verification, initial interviews, and candidate selection, our clients save their time.

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Predictable Cost

We operate on a success fee basis, charging a fee only upon hiring our candidate. Detailed terms are established at the beginning of the cooperation, allowing clients to estimate the cost at the start of the process.

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If our consultant does not meet the client's expectations or resigns within a specified period, we initiate a search for a new person at no additional cost.

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Long-Term Relationship

For us, building a partnership with clients and candidates is essential. Creating a friendly atmosphere and offering support helps minimize barriers and create a supportive atmosphere. After a successful recruitment, we maintain contact with the client and consultant to verify the progress of the cooperation and provide support as needed.

What We Offer to Our Candidates

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Support and Advice

Our experienced team supports consultants with their knowledge in areas such as choosing a form of cooperation, establishing a business, resume writing, employment contracts, and civil law matters.


Project Information

Our team strives to learn as much as possible about the position, work environment, development prospects, and the stage of the process where the candidate will provide services.


Understanding Needs

Our recruiters are also eager to learn about the candidate's needs, career vision, development aspirations, and are willing to advise or guide in that regard.

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