Personnel outsourcing


Personnel outsourcing is a strategic solution that allows companies to focus on key aspects of their business while we manage human resources. With this service, you can effectively reduce operational costs and increase efficiency by using our knowledge and experience in IT staff management.

Personnel outsourcing is a service in which we, that is IT CONNECT, as an external company, are fully responsible for personnel management, including recruitment, training, HR administration and employee support. Our team deals with all aspects related to hiring and managing employees, from the analysis of staffing needs, through the recruitment process, to ongoing HR management. As part of the service, we also offer training and development programs for employees, as well as various forms of employment to adapt to the dynamic needs of your company.


Our company, with over 15 years of experience, prioritizes people above all. Whether you are a client or an employee, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and adapt our processes to exceed your expectations.

Professional and experienced team

Transferring the employment process to an external company may raise many doubts. This is mainly related to concerns about whether the quality of services will be maintained. At IT CONNECT we have an experienced team that makes sure that everything is done on time and with the greatest possible care.

Service flexibility and risk management

The ability to quickly adjust the number of employees to meet the current project needs. Depending on the stage of project implementation, you can increase or decrease the number of employees without long-term commitments, and all this without the risk of selecting the wrong staff for the team.

Access to the best specialists

We have an extensive database of IT specialists with various skills and experience. Whether you need developers, testers, system administrators or IT security experts, we can quickly find the right candidates.


Nowadays, attractiveremuneration is not enough to keep employees in the company. In the case of body leasing, it is even more difficult because it is still quite an unusual solution – especially for an outsourced employee. Therefore, to encourage candidates to work in our company, IT CONNECT offers a range of non-wage benefits for employees and co-workers. Our Consultants have the opportunity to use sports cards, medical and group insurance at preferential prices.

You could say that our specialists are also an additional benefit. They will try to help with any problems or doubts of our clients and consultants, and if necessary, they will direct who or where to go in this matter.

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