Recruitment of IT specialists


Recruitment is an integral element of every developing company. Acquiring the best IT specialists is extremely important in today’s reality. However, the recruitment process can be tedious and expensive, and every employer expects a new employee to meet their expectations as best as possible.

At IT CONNECT, we have experienced recruiters who deal with acquiring new employees. Thanks to this, our clients can focus on their core business.
Our task is to publish advertisements, pre-select and verify application documents sent by candidates. A thorough analysis and checking of the candidate’s skills is the most important issue in the selection of an employee. We use international recruitment standards to make sure that the person we recruit will be suitable for the position we are looking for.


Personnel outsourcing allows your company to focus on strategic goals and core business activities while we take care of human resources management. This is a chance to maximize the effects of work on a given project. 

Success fee

Saving time and money. We publish advertisements and interview candidates, and if our candidate is not selected, we do not charge the client with recruitment costs.

The best specialists

Our team consists of experienced professionals and recruitment experts. Each of our recruiters has extensive knowledge of the IT industry. We approach each assignment individually to better understand the expectations of each client.


Understanding trends in the job market is a key issue in recruitment. Adapting our method of operation to current habits and access to various types of tools and resources allow us to reach a wide range of IT specialists. Thanks to this approach, we already have several thousand potential candidates with various profiles in our database.

Direct Search

Our recruiters are actively looking for new candidates based on the job profile sent by the client. Application documents sent to us are systematically checked and analyzed in terms of compliance with the profile we are looking for.

Perfect match

Knowing and understanding the client's needs is particularly important for our recruiters - it not only allows us to build a relationship with the contractor, but also significantly shortens the process of searching for the most suitable candidate. Thanks to a thorough analysis of these needs, we can adjust appropriate recruitment methods and tools.

Long-term relationship

When contacting candidates, the most counts for us is building friendly relationships. The sense of comfort and support helps minimize the stress that may accompany our candidates during the recruitment process. And after a successful recruitment, our recruiters constantly maintain contact with the employee to check whether everything suits them in the position.


Shortening the recruitment cycle
Outsourcing recruitment processes conducted by specialists can contribute to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment. A professional recruitment company can precisely define candidate profiles and conduct selection based on established criteria, which shortens the recruitment time and increases the chances of finding suitable employees.
Thanks to years of experience, we have access to an extensive database of qualified candidates, which shortens the time needed to find the right people and allows for the perfect matching of employees to each project. In recruitment, we use advanced technologies and tools to verify candidates, which ensures high quality and accuracy of recruitment.
Reducing recruitment costs
Outsourcing recruitment to an external company eliminates the need to maintain a large internal HR department, which results in savings in salaries, training and resources. Moreover, professional recruitment companies use advanced tools and platforms that are expensive to purchase and maintain, and by working with us, you get access to these tools without additional expenses. 
Recruitment outsourcing allows you to quickly adapt the number and type of recruited employees to the current needs of the company. Whether you need temporary specialists for a short-term project or permanent employees for a longer period, we are able to respond flexibly to your requirements.

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