Oferta z dnia: 2021-08-12

Front-End Developer (110-130 zł netto/h/B2B) [1404] D


Job description:


  • Creating and maintaining an application and tooling to create content and metadata which is used throughout the content chain.
  • The core functionality is an editor where exercises and content can be created in. This can be exported throughout the chain so it can be used in applications that are actually being used in for example a classroom.
  • Deploying and running application in AWS on EC2 instances, transitioning to Kubernetes in AWS.
  • Build pipeline is written in Bitbucket with some remnants in Jenkins.
  • Backend is written in Java and uses the Vertx framework with a Spring CDI, their goal is to move to Spring boot in the near future.
  • Unit tests are written using JUnit4/5 with Mockito framework and AssertJ for readability and ease of use. Maven is used for dependency management.
  • Dev Team strive to use a DDD-approach for their application structure, such they try to separate their domain from application and infrastructure logic and adhere to ubiquitous language.
  • The frontend is in Angular (latest version) but still has some small parts in Angular.js.
  • They use three tiers of testing, n.l. unit, integration and E2E. For unit testing they use Jest combined with spectator. Integration tests are created with Cypess in combination with storybook to render/test components in isolation. E2E tests are written in Cypress as well, but some legacy tests in protractor also still exist which are being migrated.



Requirements for candidates:


Scale skills 0 - 5:

  • Ops
  • AWS 3
  • Kubernetes 3
  • Front-end (must have)
  • TypeScript/JavaScript 4
  • Angular (latest version) 4
  • Ngrx 4
  • Algorithms/transformations 4
  • Jest 3
  • Cypress 3
  • Scss 3

Soft skills

  • Good knowledge of English (B2)
  • Agile: Scrum / SAFe
  • BA/MA software dev


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We offer:

  • Private medical care and a sports card on preferential terms
  • Working time: 1FTE
  • The position gives possibility for remote work


Lokalizacja: Praca zdalna / Cała Polska

Adres biura:

Al. Jana Pawła II 23 pok. 12


00-854 Warszawa


Kontakt z nami:

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+48 (22) 653 85 92
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